Crisis and Renewal in Georgian politics: A LINKS report on the 2003 Parliamentary Elections and the 2004 Presidential Elections in Georgia

This reports written for LINKS by Julian Broxup and Laurence Broers, presents the results of LINKS election observation for the 2 November 2003 parliamentary elections and the 4 January 2004 presidential elections in Georgia. LINKS has observed all elections in Georgia, both general and local, since 1995. A wide variety of sources were used for the compilation of this report, including interviews with election contestants, civil society groups and electoral administration staff, official decrees and documentation, press coverage, social research and survey work, and the results of election day observation carried out by LINKS. It should be emphasised that this report does not attempt to analyse all of the circumstances surrounding developments in Georgia over the past three months. Our aim, rather, is to keep a tight focus on the electoral process itself, while also providing strategic analysis of the impact of the elections on the broader processes of democratisation and state building. LINKS hopes this report will be a useful tool for those in Georgia and in the international community in general, who are seeking to build in Georgia a genuinely democratic state.

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