LINKS report outlines views of 46 political parties in Armenia and Azerbaijan on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

LINKS has just published a 200 page report summarising the views of forty six political parties in Armenia and in Azerbaijan on the Karabakh conflict and conflict settlement process. The report is based on face to face interviews with leading politicians in both countries conducted by a LINKS team in June and July 2010.The wide spectrum of opinions contained in these forty-six short essays reflects the level of attention that the Karabakh question receives in both Armenia and Azerbaijan, where it dominates the political discourse. The views expressed are fascinating to read. .

This collection of interviews needs to be read by anybody with an interest in the conflict and its resolution as it provides the political context in which the conflict is anchored. Some views from both the Armenian and the Azerbaijani perspectives are disturbing. They remain however part of the actual reality.

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The report was discussed at two meetings, the first held in Yerevan on 10 December, and the second was held in Baku on 22 December 2010. There was also extensive media coverage of the report in both Armenia and Azerbaijan.

At the meeting co-organised with the newly established Council for International Relations, participants including members of parliament and representatives of the intellectual community highlighted Azerbaijan’s increasing impatience with the current impasse in the peace negotiations.

In Yerevan, at a meeting co-organised with the Armenian Centre for National and International Studies, it was felt that there was no real alternative to the current Minsk process. Participants included government officials and representatives of political parties, a number of foreign Ambassadors accredited to Armenia and representatives of the media.