Yulia Timoshenko to be allowed out of prison for medical treatment as EU continues pressure for her release.

Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko will be allowed to leave prison to receive medical treatment for a back problem, officials say. She will be treated at a special clinic near her prison in the western city of Kharkiv, the prosecutors’ office said.

Ms Tymoshenko, 50, a fierce critic of President Viktor Yanukovych, was sentenced to seven years in jail last October for abuse of power.The case has strained relations between Ukraine and the EU.

The former prime minister, who is famous for her role in the 2004 Orange Revolution, is suffering from a herniated disc, her family says. Ms Tymoshenko had refused treatment from Ukrainian doctors and was examined by German doctors last month, who said she was suffering from intense pain and required care in a specialised clinic.

The German government has reportedly been in talks with the Ukrainian authorities to allow Ms Tymoshenko to be treated in Berlin.

source: BBC World Service