Lavrov warns EU against Caspian Sea agreements

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that any decision on the Caspian Sea and its related issues without considering the position of its littoral states is unacceptable.

The Iranian news agency IRNA reported that whilst addressing Yerevan State University students, Lavrov said the European Union’s decision to exploit the Caspian Sea and transfer Turkmenistan gas to Europe without taking into account the stance of Caspian littoral states is unacceptable.  Lavrov said that the Caspian Sea legal regime had been agreed in 1921 and 1940 by the then Soviet Union and Iran, and after the collapse of the USSR negotiations on a new regime had started.

The European Union has agreed with Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan on the preparation of a Treaty that would provide for the transport of Turkenistan gas via the Caspian Sea to European markets.

source: LINKS Analysis with IRNA

photo: Sergei Lavrov (archive picture courtesy of IRNA)