Shoigu set to move to front line Russian politics

One of Russia’s more charismatic pro Kremlin politicians, Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shogu is on his way to join frontline politics.  Deputies  of the Moscow  Region Duma will discuss his candidature to the position of governor of the Moscow region. The vote will be secret. More than half of  deputies of the   Moscow Region  Duma (they are 50 deputies) should vote  for   Shoigu’s candidature to  make it to become governor of the Moscow Region.

On March 23, Moscow Region governor  Boris Gromov whose   powers expire in May said he was not going to run  for the   next governorship term. Gromov was governor of the region for 12 years.

On March 30, the United Russia party,  which has the   majority in the Moscow Region Duma, proposed three    candidatures for the position of the Moscow Region governor   to  President Dmitry Medvedev. The list included first   deputy chairman of  the Moscow Region government Igor   Parkhomenko, Reutov Mayor Alexander  Khodyrev and   Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu. On April 4, the  Russian   president submitted Shoigu’s candidature to the Moscow Region Duma for consideration.

The Moscow Region Duma has 50 seats.  Four parties are   represented in it. The United Russia party has 28  deputies,   the Communists– 11 deputies, A Just Russia party – 6 deputies    and the LDPR – four deputies.

Shoigu’s move to head the Capital Region is the latest in the a series of moves by the Kremlin in its efforts to reconnect with the Russian people following the shock of Parliamentary elections in December and issues that came up during the campaign of Vladimir Putin for the Presidency in the Spring. Shoigu’s appointment is the latest in a series of personnel changes that have seen a number of key governors loosing their jobs and being replaced by people seen to be able to communicate better the Kremlin’s message. Whilst the post is not as important as that of Mayor of Moscow it will bring Shoigu to the frontline of Russian politics.

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source: LINKS Analysis with Itar-Tass

photo: Sergei Shoigu (picture courtesy of Itar-Tass)