Saudi students convey “depth of emotion” through theatre.

The theater club of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz University (KAU) participated in a four day university theatre festival at Morocco’s Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University. The festival, which is the 7th annual event in a row was scheduled to end today.

KAU participated with the play “Doves Strumming” written by Yasser Madkhly, directed by Ahmed Al-Saman, and starring Muthanna Muammar and Abdullah Johar. Mustafa Fadhil was the play’s manager, Abdullah Al-Ghamdi handled sound and Khalid Matrafi worked on the lighting.

The play revolves around two characters, one who is unstable and weak and the other one who is weak in appearance but possesses an exceptionally strong character. The set design depicted ruins in wartime, as the writer was focusing on the happenings of the Arab world. The writer said he was trying to convey a depth of emotion and portray his observations based on his surroundings.

source: Arab News

photo: The theatre group of King Abdulaziz University of Saudi Arabia (picture courtesy of Arab News)