Kuwaiti singer Dax on his way to becoming a “pop prince”, one of many talented young Arabs who are making western culture their own.

A talented 20 year old Kuwait has hit the Kuwait art scene with a bang. Talal K Salem, better known by his stage name “Dax” is currently at the senior high school level at Abdullah Mubarak School. Dax’s love of English music has made him famous and almost an icon in his school. Many of his friends and teachers are calling him a young musical maestro. “I play several musical instruments, and I am a pop and rock singer at the same time” he told Kuwait Times last week.

His love and passion for great music landed him performing in front of Kuwait’s prime minister during a function organized by a private company recently. After that enchanting performance, several invitations followed, especially from several American and European communities. Last year he tried his luck in ‘Arabs Got Talent’, but he was eliminated during the early stages as he poorly rendered some Arabic music. “I wasn’t familiar with Arabic music, so I was eliminated at an early stage of the show. But I am okay, it was an experience which I can never forget,” he said.

Dax has experimented with many musical instruments – from playing the guitar, piano, violin, bass and drums. His interest has always been in music and he sees himself teaching music in school. “I’ve experimented with many genres, studied music, composed some lyrics and performed live in local radio/television station shows. I feel proud when my music is played over the radio/television here,” he beamed. Dax’s music talks not only about his own life, but also discusses other people’s concerns and problems. “This is one way of contributing to my beloved country. Singing for me is life and I want to be known as a great singer and composer.”

Dax is an active member of theatrical plays at their school and rendered various community services. “I refuse to be just an ordinary person or a spectator on the side, waiting for somebody to perform to them. What I want is music. I am an active music lover and I want to share something beautiful with people around me,” he told Kuwait Times.

Dax may not be a household name in Kuwait let alone elsewhere yet, but he represents a generation of new Arab youth who have somehow made the journey across the cultural divide and can now embrace western culture by making it their own.

You can see more on Dax on facebook or hear his songs on You tube

source: commonspace.eu with Kuwait Times

photo: Young Kuwait pop singer Dax