LINKS Director addresses European security issues in keynote speech at NATO PA Baku Seminar.

LINKS Executive Director, Dennis Sammut was the keynote speaker at the 86th Rose-Roth Seminar organised by  the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in the Azerbaijani capital Baku from 16-18 June 2014. in his speech Dennis Sammut addressed key issues in European security and particularly the impact of the crisis in Ukraine on European security, and more specifically on the South Caucasus region.

Dennis Sammut said,

Many in the West, as well as in Russia have tried to describe the current stand-off between Russia and the west as a second cold war. This is not only too simplistic; it is outright inaccurate. None of the basics that underpinned the Cold War exist in the current stand-off: No ideological divide; no separate economic system; no complete isolation. Russia may challenge western values but it is not trying to bring about the collapse of western way of life; its economy is now integrated, and in many ways dependent, on the rest of the global economy, and Russians now travel in their millions to other parts of the world and communicate with each other and globally through all the modern media of communication. Comparisons with the cold war are inaccurate and can be dangerously misleading, for the antidote to the present crisis is not in using cold war tactics, but rather in the clever deployment of a mix of diplomacy, economic muscle, public diplomacy and media and social media.

You can read the full presentation of Dennis Sammut in Baku here

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