LINKS (Dialogue, Analysis, Research)

Since it was established in 1997 LINKS has sought to contribute to peace, good governance and prosperity in Europe’s neighbourhood to the East and to the South through meetings, publications and initiatives, and through interaction with governments, parliaments, civil society, media and political forces. Most of our work has been in the countries of the Former Soviet Union and the Middle East. We are focused, independent, non-partisan and believe in the importance of innovative approaches to dealing with many of the current regional and global problems. We work in partnership with European institutions and civil society organisations, as well as with a wide range of stakeholders in the countries we are engaged with. We believe in the importance of dialogue as a basis for resolving conflicts and disputes, but we also believe that for dialogue to work it must be based on proper analysis that is informed by good research. Dialogue, Analysis and Research are therefore the three pillars on which we base our work.