Dennis Sammut discusses globalisation and the clash of civilisations at the New Georgia University in Poti (video)

On 8-9 May 2017, LINKS Director, Dr Dennis Sammut visited the Georgian city of Poti on the Black Sea coast as guest of the New Georgia University, an education institution established under the patronage of the Georgian Orthodox Church. On 9 May Dennis Sammut gave a lecture on globalisation, and its impact on the South Caucasus in the presence of His Grace the Metropolitan Archbishop of Poti, members of the Georgian Orthodox Church, and professors, academics and students of the New Georgia University.

On the margins of the event Dr Sammut was interview for the university’s on-line series, “Philosphical Conversations.” He answered questions by Dr Giorgi Khurishvili on the clash of civilisations, jihadist terrorism, and the place of the South Caucasus in these challenging times.

You can watch the interview here