LINKS (DialogueAnalysisResearch)


We believe that many of the issues we are concerned with can be solved through genuine dialogue involving all the parties that are interested;


Understanding any situation depends on  an accurate analysis of what the problems are and the solutions required to deal with them,


Neither dialogue nor analysis is possible unless backed up by continuous research that help inform both.

Our main areas of interest and expertise are:

  • The Caucasus and Central Asian Regions
  • The European Union’s Relations with its Eastern and Southern neighbourhood
  • The foreign and regional policies of Turkey, Iran and Russia
  • The Gulf region and its future role in the world
  • Relations between the West and the Muslim world.

Our philosophy

We are inspired by respect for the basic freedoms and rights envisaged in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a belief in the peaceful resolution of conflicts, and respect for different opinions, including different political or religious beliefs. We are against any sort of discrimination based on race, religion, political belief, gender or sexual orientation. We aim to be inclusive and are ready to work with all partners who are ready to engage on the basis of our values.

Our roots

LINKS – The London Information Network on Conflicts and State-building LINKS was established in London in July 1997 as an independent, not-for-profit, think tank, working on areas of conflict and conflict prevention, governance, global security and international relations. Until 2012 it was known as The London Information Network on Conflicts and State-building, or simply as LINKS. Over 15 years it implemented a wide range of activities in support of its basic aims:  the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the promotion of democracy in societies in transition, working most of the time through innovative, ground breaking projects. Around 500 events in more than 30 countries were organised. LINKS funding over the last fifteen years has come from The European Union, the UK Government through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and DFID, the Governments of Sweden, Ireland and the Netherlands, the UK Community Fund, and smaller contributions from individuals or the private sector. The Executive Director of LINKS is Dennis Sammut.


For further information please contact us at : LINKS (Dialogue-Analysis-Research) Adam House, 7-10 Adam Street, London WC2N 6AA t: +44 2075209308; f: +44 2075209309; e: info@links-dar.org or LINKS (Dialogue-Analysis-Research) 3rd Floor, Square de Meeûs 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. t: +32 (0) 2 895 3600; email: info@links-dar.org.

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